To know [skillful and godly] wisdom and
Proverbs 1:20

To discern and comprehend the words of understanding ...

What is Sophia Calloway?™

Simply put, Sophia Calloway is not a person, it's a name.

Sophia Calloway ™ (trademark currently under registration)

Wisdom Calls You To The Way!

The  name "Sofia" is actually defined in greek as the word "Wisdom." We  wanted you to relate to the word so we gave it's distinct spelling. We  also wanted to give a face to the name, so wisdom can be more relatable.  In doing so, wisdom can be seen in individuals rather than just seeing  it as a concept or an idea. Therefore Sophia Cal-lo-way is "Wisdom  Calling You To The Way.  That way is the virtuous way. It provides it's  own form of mentoring and is seen in it's demonstrations through the  relationship and exchange of words coupled with actions. You too can be virtuous as wisdom and be a "Sophia" who "Calls To The Way."

The Foundation

Wisdom [ the personification of God’s wisdom; 8:1–36; 9:1–6]  ·is like a woman shouting [ shouts] in the street;she ·raises her voice  [yells out] in the city squares [the hub for business, government, and  social interaction].21 She cries out ·in the noisy street [at the top of  the noisy throng]and shouts at the [ entrances of] city gates: Proverbs 1:20-21 


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